As a journalist, I had the chance to visit many refugee camps, watching the children not living their childhood always broke my heart. 
Although most of them were getting various types of assistance; food shelter, clothes, books. However, playing or getting toys was still a luxury for the majority. 

In March 2015, I decided to embark on an unforgettable trip to Palestine with my friend Suha.
For a week, we've met children living in very rough conditions. I couldn't forget their innocent faces yet energetic spirit. They have given me so much hope despite their difficult circumstances. On the way back to Dubai, I was determined that I should do something to help. I have spent the four-hour flight thinking about a way to draw a smile on those children’s faces and hopefully contribute to make their life better.

That's how the idea of starting an initiative that makes a difference in the life of the children came to my mind. Toys With Wings has started in that very moment.

"Each child builds his future in his own imagination and Toys With Wings aims to provide the children in conflict with the tools to create their own future, mold the necessary life skills and expand on their dreams despite their tough life. "

Mouna ElHaimoud, founder of Toys With Wings
In Toys With Wings we recognize the important role that the toys play in the growth and development of the children. Through our missions we try to ease their suffering and sometimes the trauma the war has afflicted on them. Most importantly to connect them back with their childhood.
Since its inception, Toys With Wings was able to distribute over 412,000 toys to children in Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Morocco, Iraq, Yemen, Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, Belgium, Spain and Kenya.
I invite you to join me to contribute to our mission; to give the children an opportunity to dream of a better tomorrow.

Mouna ElHaimoud
Founder of Toys With Wings (ألعاب بأجنحة)